Catching up

Hello Mom!
Ok I realize I have not been able to send an email and I apologize.  We were all moved from our original hotel to the new hotel next to the Beijing school and that hotel did not have wifi.  We are now in Dalian, just got here yesterday.  We just got the internet in this building so now I will be able to send emails.  So this is what has happened so far.  Please send this to everyone, greg and linn especially cause they emailed me asking me stuff and i have yet to respond and dont want to retype an enormous email explaining all the things we have done.
So i got to Beijing on the fourth, late at night.  On the fifth, I woke up early because of the time difference and was out of my hotel walking by 9:30.  I walked around for like 3 hours by myself looking for food cause apparently nothing opens till around 11 here. dumb.  than i ate the beef noodles with a tsingtao. tsingtao sucks.  all the beer here is super light and only around 2% alcohol content.  So you really have to pound them to get drunk.  The red bull is awesome tho, around 1 dollar and the beer is like 50 cents each.  So first night in Beijing i met up with a girl from OSU, Angelica Perez.  We walked around for like 3 hours and decided to get dinner around 8.  I ordered wang enoki, thought i would try something random.  It was cool, came out on a black pan and the guy lighted a gas fire right underneath it.  It cooked during my meal.  However, I hated it.  It looked like noodles with chicken fat.  I came to find out the next day that enoki is a stringy mushroom.  That explains a lot cause I hate mushrooms with a passion.  Mid way through dinner was the biggest lightining storm I had ever seen.  Of course you really cant see the lightning through the dense smog in Beijing.  I’ve been picking black boogers out of my nose from all the pollution.  So we went back to the room and watched the lightning storm.  That was day 1.
Day 2: I came down the elevator around 8:30 am to get my free breakfast and ran into a guy named Kyle.  We introduced ourselves and had breakfast.  He was 24 and just graduatedfrom CSU actually.  He was a ram.  He is really cool and I hung out with him for the most part in Beijing.  We had breakfast, played a game of pool, and than everyone started meeting in the lobby cause we were told to meet there at 11.  I met Kim, from CSU, Toni from Scotland, James from England, Rob from England, and Emily from the UK.  The scottish guy had a super thick accent.  Pretty cool.  We all got in taxis and went to BFSU, Beijing Forestry and Something else University.  The Dalian group stayed in the BFSU hotel across the street while everyone who was staying at Beijing went to their dorms.  We all went to lunch at a fast food restaurant where we all got the same noodles.  So good. Wierdly refreshing cause it didnt have any sauce and it was in a bowl of soup.  Really really good.  After that, we had some free time so we went back to our rooms and the Dalian group got to know eachother.  It was me, Nathanial Allen, Sean, and riki all chilling in our hotel room with a bottle of Scotch. Scotch really is actually good, that was my first time trying it.  We sat and chatted for around 3 hours before it was time for dinner.  At dinner, we met new Dalian arrivals: 2 russian chicks, one is  really hot, and the other is a huge fat bitch.  And we also met Anna from the UK who waitors for Manchester United, pretty sweet.  Dinner was served on a giant round table with a huge lazy susan.  Sweet and Sour chicken, pork, dumplings, rice, fish, anything chinese you can think of.  All you do is spin the table and people and you just pick shit out with chopsticks.  No one cares for manners here, its great.  I will finish this email after we take the city tour.  Gotta Go but I have so much more tot ell you.
PS the tablet is somewhat worthless because there is not wifi anywhere.  I am going to buy a wireless router.  also, i cant put any pictures on the tablet because it requires a micro sd and my camera only carries a normal sd card.  so the tablet has been for music only.
please send this email to everyone, i dont have time to write to everyone yet.  Gotta get situated and into a routine before i can get super detailed with emails.  havent had the time and have been moving to many different places in the last 6 days.  Love you all! we will skype soon

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