The Great Wall of Chopsticks

Ok first of all, ray allen is now going to get another ring.  i was going to pick prince fielder for the home run champ. i dont think i will buy another laptop, but maybe. hopnestly, the tablet is worthless. i cant even hook it up to an ethernet cable to get internet provided by the dalian school. really pathetic.

Ok back to where i left off.  That was Friday night where we had the first sit down, lazy susan, circle table, eat everything dinner.  I was really struggling with the chopsticks.  I couldnt pick up a dumpling to save my life.  But I have made it a point not to use any forks or spoons since ive gotten here and now i am actually really good with chopsticks.  no problems at all.  it is actually pretty cool, something i never thought i would be good at in my life.  Friday night we went to this bar called the stumble in.  it was a very american bar with lots of greek people and had an awesome view of the city.  I didnt bring my camera so i dont have any photos.  I hard an ipa from brooklyn and a long island ice tea.  I also had a ham and cheese sandwich which was very good.  So after a nice buzz we decided to get out.  It was only me, nate, and riki all night.  we left and tried to pick up a cab.  It was near impossible.  they kept wanting to charge us a flat rate but we knew that the taxi ride here was only 42 yuan which is around 8 american dollars. they wanted to charge around 100 yuan, some bullshit.  so it took us around 45 minutes to find a taxi driver that was willing to drive us to our hotel.  Got home and crashed.
Saturday was truly amazing.  We woke up early and went to breakfast. again breakfast was a big round circle with a lazy susan in the middle, about 8 people per table.  it was fried egg, red bean bowzoo which is pretty much a steamed bun like a dumpling, rice pudding, and hot milk. dont really enjoy breakfast here, want some captain crunch.  we ate breakfast, hopped on a bus, and headed towards the temple of heaven.  this was about a 20 minute busride.  the whole complex is like a big summer park except it has temples.  the first temple was the temple of good harvest.  I thought that was really cool.  I will upload pictures soon.  Than we went to the echo wall.  There was a small temple in between a perfectly circular brick wall.  apparently when the cleaners were cleaning one night, one stood on one side of the wall and the other stood directly on the other.  They found that if you whispered on the wall, ever so quietly, that the other cleaner could hear it all the way on the other side.  Therefore, it is now called the echo wall.  After the echo wall, we went to the temple of heaven.  I thought this was the most boring part to be honest.  It is just three levels with a fence around it and a large courtyard.  Kinda boring.  But westood on a small pedistool in the very middle and three of us BEAVS did the O S U and got a pretty cool picture.  That will be in the catalog next year for sure.  I didnt get the picture but someone will upload it i am sure.
After the temple of heaven, we went to tiannamen square.  The largest public courtyard in the world.  Cool place, nothing too exciting to look at.  The cool part was just the fact that I know how much has happened there.  Never thought I would be at the Tiannamen Square.  Pretty amazing.  Mao Zedong’s face looming in the background.  We walked around for a little bit and Chinese people were coming up to us wanting our picture taken with them.  It was wierd, just cause we were American made us celebrity status.  The Great Wall was even crazier but i will get to that.  After the Tiannamen Square, we walked right into the forbidden city.  You guys have no idea how huge that place is.  The entire ground covers 73 hectars of area.  look it up, massive.  I took over 200 pictures including the temple of heaven, tiannamen square, and forbidden city.  It seemed like every time you thought you were entering a gate, you thought the tour was over; it would just come up with bigger buildings and bigger courtyards.  I will post the pictures and videos.  I can’t really explain the place without actually telling you, it was truly amazing.  I was also wearing jeans and a vneck, so stupid.  I honestly thought the sweat pouring out of my gooch was going to drown china.  I had never been that sweaty, till the great wall.  It was like 80 degrees at least and 90% humidity and I am the stupid american walking around in jeans.  No one else wore jeans, so dumb.
After the forbidden city, i came back to the room and passed out.  Around 6, we went and had dinner.  Same od same old, big table lazy susan.  Food continued to be excellent, cant necessarily remember everything we had, but it was good.  After dinner, we were thinking we were going to go out on the town and get after it, but we soon realized we were all tired as hell from a long day.  So, instead we got a massage.  Full body massage with a foot massage for 78 yuan.  Thats around 12 american dollars.  the massage lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes.  INSANE! honestly, unreal, it felt so good.  Apparently, I have fire coming from me.  Meaning, my body heat was very high when she was giving me my back massage.  This means I have a shitty diet and drink too much.  I couldnt really argue with her.  However, since i have been here, i have probably lost around 5 pounds.  I sweat everything out and eat incredibly healthy.  These Chinese a people a dont eat a very bad a food.  I fell asleep in the taxi ride back because i was so relaxed and passed out once i got back to the hotel room.  The Great Wall!
Day 4
Sunday was my favorite day in China.  We woke up and had breakfast at 8am in our hotel restaurant.  Same breakfast as the day before so I am not going to explain.  We got on the bus, I fell asleep for about 45 minutes.  It was an hour busride to the great wall.  I woke up just in time to see the very beginning.  The great wall starts at the coast and expands for longer than 5000 miles.  We just happened to see the part closest to Beijing.  We got out, walked to the entrance and we had two options: Go right and take the easier route, less steep but not as tall, or fear the wrath of China and take the steep route and reach the highest peak in our region.  Of course, we took a left and faced the wall.  I can tell you, without a doubt in my mind, I have never sweat more in my life.  That shit was hard.  Some steps were so high that they reached my knee.  Imagine a stairclimber, in 90 degree heat, and thousands of miles in altitude, and 100% humidity.  Amazing! I honestly could not believe that I was hiking the Great Wall of China.  It still has not hit me yet that I have seen 1 of the 7 wonders of the world.  Maybe I will make it to the Taj Mahal to make 2 wonders while im gone.  The wall would have long stretches of just steps and it would be interrupted by small towers.  These small towers were bathrooms.  Only squatting, no seats.  Well, I had to shit.  Probably one of the most uncomfortable moments of my life.  I am squatting over this hole in the ground, with my toilet paper, and I look my left and another Chinamen is squatting right next to me.  I said Nehao- hello in Chinese.  He laughed at me.  The floor was wet so i was grabbing mys shorts.  Gross.  Finished my business and kept treking.  About halfway to the tallest part of our section, people started dropping off.  It was me and Kyle pulling our weight to get up these steps.  James, the guy from UK doesnt drink or anything so hes way up front.  Who doesnt drink from the UK? We finally made it up to the top, Kyle had taken off his shirt and my orange beaver nation no longer had a sweat line.  The entire shirt was soaked.  It was one of the best feelings in the world to have made it to the top.  I stood on top of the wall, got a picture, and yelled “CHINA!”.  Thats all I could think of, I know it is funny or clever but thats what i yelled.  We stood at the top, sat down, bought a water, and watched everyone else struggle to get to the top.  Once everyone got to the top it was around 12:15 and we needed to get back to the bus by 1.  So we all made our way down as a big group.  Hugo, kid from OSU from France decided to do pushups on the wall. I kinda thought that was kidna cool to say you did push ups on the great wall.  Instead I walked on the side of the wall part of the way down and Kyle did a balancing beam act on the railing.  We got to the bottom of the wall, I bought a gatorade and killed it.  Got back on the bus and headed back to the hotel.  We had 3 hours to kill so I just took a shower and relaxed in the room.  O, we had lunch after the great wall in a Jade shop.  We could actually watch Chinese workers make Jade art sculptures.  It was really cool, again food was great.
For dinner we went to a really fancy restaurant for the infamous Peking Duck.  Me and Kyle had no idea that it was going to be a nice place and people told us that we were dressed just fine.  We roll up to this restaurant and it is full of people in suits and ties, the waitors are all in nice uniforms, and this place looked like a 5 star restaurant.  I walk in in basketball shorts, tall white socks, sneakers, and a cut off shirt.  So did Kyle.  Plus, My tank top was an OSU basketball practice jersey.  So not only do I look like an idiot but I am repping OSU also.  O well, the duck was amazing.  I ate the duck brain and head.  Apparently the duck brain is a symbol of good luck and the geust of honor eats it.  So i was very honored that they offered it to me.  There were three tables with 6 duck brains so I wasn’t the only one but it was still very cool.  The duck was amazing.  Fuck the ducks, beavers eat ducks.  And they taste dam good. After dinner, we all went back to the hotel.
We decided to go out, last night in Beijing, gotta get after it.  We went to the Hoahai- pronounced How High, district.  They had an awesome raggae bar that served 12 shots for 100 yuan. thats like around 1 dollar a shot! and they were like kamikaze, B52, any shot you could think of. They came out on a tray, it was badass.  it was me, Nate, Sean, Riki, Angelica (all OSU), Kim and Kyle (both CSU).  Between us 7 people, we ordered 7 trays of shots.  So we were feeling really good.  Keep in mind tho that these shot glasses were not american sized, much smaller. Still.  They had an awesome live band that was playing some great raggae music and salsa music.  really cool.  Just three guys, two guitarists and a drummer playing the congo.  These guys from Spain or Argentina, idk, where dancing the salsa.  They grabbed this old Chinese grandma and she started dancing some old chinese dance.  It was cool to watch them work together on dances that dont go together and yet somehow it worked.  All of a sudden, the guy grabbed me up to dance.  I have no idea how I always get picked to do public dances or anything but yet again I found myself on stage.  I dont know any dance other than the swing so i started with some small shoulder shrugs and some leg moves.  pretty sure someone has it on video, regardless, i looked out of place.  So i went and sat back down.  We got another round of shots and yet again the argentina guy pulled me up to dance.  However while i was looking like an idiot yet again, he pulled this girl up from another table to dance with me.  She was from California and her name was Katherine.  So i decided to bring the american dance to Beijing.  Me and her started swing dancing right there in front of everyone.  It was pretty cool.  We started talking and she said her table had some girls from oregon. So me and Nate went over there, bought a round of drinks and I chatted with this girl from Lake Oswego who goes to UCLA.  Wow, she was so gorgeous.  We talked for a while until she had to go. O well, but she was gorgeous.  Probably the best Sunday night I will ever have.
On our way back to the hotel, yet again we had trouble trying to find a taxi.  It was 2 am, 7 of us drunk americans, and no taxi guy wanted us.  So as we are walking, it starts to monsoon.  We were walking in a torrential downpour for around 30 minutes before a taxi decided to let all 7 of us in his taxi for a flat rate of 200 yuan. the taxi ride there was only 24 yuan, put that into persdpective. he screwed us.  However, after being soaking wet and walking around the flooded streets of beijing for half an hour, we needed to cash the extra dough.  Just glad it was still 80 degrees and warm when it literally pissed rain on us.
That was my weekend, best weekend of my life. I love you all and will chat again soon.
Chase aka Chang Xue Wen- Thats my Chinese name- translation: One who often studies travel. they gave it to me, fitting

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