This post is gross, just fyi

I sent this email to conners mcmenamin and chris graff, had to post it on here

So had to tell you this,

Let me give you some background.  The toilets here are cermaic holes in the ground that you have to squat over.  Real dirty shit.  Also, apparently the chinese dont beleive in toilet paper.  I am at lunch and I suddenly get the runs today.  Unfortunately, no one is carrying tooilet paper with them.  I sprint into the bathroom, drop my pants into water on the floor, not sure if it is piss or watery shit or shitty dirt.  Ipoop and it leaves a huge mess.  Smells awful, no ventilation, no fan, and almost no water in the toilet.  Its like 90 degrees in this little shithole and I am about to pass out.  I have no toilet paper so i use my boxers.  dude, low point in my life.  I wipe this chinese poop with my boxers and put it in the toilet.  Now I cant find a flusher so I am sitting there going commando, goop in the toilet with my stained boxers, wet shorts with a wierd creamy stain around the bottom of my leg. I cant find the flusher so I left it.  Literally walked out of the bathroom just shameful and kept eating.  Just disgraceful.  Thought I had to tell you.
sorry mom…

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