Bungee Jumping

Never in my life did I ever think I would bungee jump.  I distinctly remember sitting at home thinking how dumb bungee jumping is.  Your life is in the hands of a large strand of rubber bands, how dumb do you have to be to trust in something that I break frequently in class.  Especially in China, a city about 30 years behind America in safety (and almost everything else).  Not only do I not trust in the rope, I admit that I am incredibly afraid of heights.  Ask my mom, she will be the first to tell you that I am a big baby when it comes to heights.  I get it from her! I mean, I don’t even enjoy getting on a ladder and putting the angel on top of a tree.  I could easily fall and live but I still choose not to do it.  Im a wuss. 

However, this trip is about breaking barriers. Language barrier, cultural barrier, and fear.  The motto for me for this trip has been: “Don’t let fear stop you from living.”  So, bungee jumping was something I had to do.  Skydiving in Thailand is next.  Cant wait to tell that story.  Hold on, funny story, side note.  We were sitting at dinner in Portland and I was talking about all the stuff I wanted to do in Thailand.  I talked about riding a motorcycle and skydiving.  My dad was not happy, understandable, im an idiot.  I wouldn’t want my kid doing half the shit I do but, I gotta do it.  Sorry pops.  He asked me why would I want to go skydiving in Thailand, with so few restrictions and little safety.  I replied with, “The view falling from a plane over Thailand, with the islands in my view, over crystal blue waters, sure beats the view of Hillsboro”.  Mom and Tori laughed, dad did not.  I found it funny.  Its all good, he was stressed and I was being a prick. 

Back to bungee jumping.  It was 190 yuan, around 30 dollars to bungee jump.  Cheap! The elevator had open windows and moved incredibly slow to the platform.  So that didn’t help.  I get out to the platform and me and Nate are anxiously waiting.  Well I was anxious, nervous but excited, where nate was just big ballin it and not nervous at all.  Anna, Sean, and Angela were up on the viewing platform yelling at us asking for us to turn around, look up, and wave for a picture.  I am just telling you now, I am weird.  I can look down and around and not be scared but if I look up at a higher point than where I am, I freak out.  Don’t know why.  So I wasn’t turning around, screw that.  I get called to go over there and the china dude who was fitting me started talking about my shoes.  I had no idea what he was saying.  But he took my shoes off.  At this point I am thinking I am going to die.  Shoeless? Whatever.  So he velcroes the straps around my ankles.  My life is in the balance of Velcro.  He thans takes two carribeeners and hooks them up to the Velcro.  I am jumping with 2 velcro straps and 2 caribeeners (shoeless). 

The man finally tells me to walk the plank.  The rope is pretty damn heavy and every step I take feels like the rope is going to drag me off the plank.  So I am taking baby steps and continuing to freak out.  I am just writing about this and I am now pitting out, seriously. I get to the edge and my feet are too wide so he starts kicking them in.  I was trying to balance, while this rope is pulling me, and he is kicking my feet closer together and yelling at me in Chinese. Dumb

He finally says ok.  SO I let go and fell.  I was falling and my stomach flew into my mouth.  It felt exactly like I was falling in a dream that you wake up to.  This was no dream.  I started waving my arms like an idiot as if I could start flying and prevent a collision.  Finally, the rope gave the tug and I was flying back upwards! I reached the peak of my crest and the rope started wrapping around my feet, so im thinking my ankle is going to break or im gonna lose a leg.  But the rope straightens out and I descend again.  At this point, I am yelling woooooo, yeahh woooo cause I know im going to live at this point.  What a rush.  A boat comes and picks you up with a large pole.  They are yelling Chinese and I have no idea what they hell they are talking about.  I finally grabbed it and got back in the boat just in time to watch nate jump. 

What a thrill, I recommend it to anyone. Especially people who are afraid of heights.  I think people who fear heights the most, enjoy the result more.  It was a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pure fear and yet pure satisfaction.  I will be doing this again!


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