Cassie tastes pretty good…not for dog lovers

So you hear of dog being served in China.  This is true.  Me, Tim, and Nate have been really wanting to try and eat some dog.  Dog meat is gou rou.  So we finally found a restaurant that serves dog meat, we went there for lunch on Friday. 

The menu had no joke, 8 different ways to cook dog.  Shredded meat, sliced meat, ribs, stew, you name it they had it.  We chose the most attractive looking picture of dog and decided to try it.  The dog meat came to the table cold.  Which was kind of troubling.  I took a piece of dog meat with my chopsticks and I could hear a faint whimper.  The meat was incredibly fatty.  Apparently dog is considered a delicassy in China because of the fat content.  So as, I nawed on this piece of fat with a side of dog meat, I could hear a bark for every chew.  To be honest, the actual meat tasted pretty good.  If they had brought out just straight dog meat with no fat, it would be actually pretty good.  But no, they had to ruin it.  There were like 3 layers of fat before you got to any meat.  Every chew was gooey and yet crunchy.  Not good.  Not only was the dish ruined because of the fat content but it was just disturbing knowing that I was eating a dog, my most loved animal.  Sorry Cassie, you kinda taste good.  I promise I wont eat you when I get home, no worries.  I would not recommend eating dog.  I definitely want to try cat tho.  I hate cats and would gladly eat one and rid the world of another cat.  Cats here just walk around everywhere.  They all look like Garfield too.  They are called Maos.  I would eat mao rou anyday.  Bet that’s tastes good.  Sorry cat lovers. Image


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