Cheese Lobster Lays Potato Chips

Things I miss from home: Tillamook Cheese, nacho cheese, and the beefy five layer burrito.  I would do dirty things for some good cheese here.  They have no cheese.  Cheddar cheese does not say cheddar cheese.  It says cheese with cheddar flavoring.  What the hell is that?  Well let me tell ya, it is plastic crap. 

I would do shameful things for some nacho cheese.  Just disgusting acts of idiocrasy for some nacho cheese.  I want nacho cheese on everything.  Sweet and sour with a side of nacho cheese.  Me and Nate were walking through Walmart this week and I wanted some good old fashion Lays potato chips.  So I got some, but I am also here to experience the Chinese culture.  So I had to try a Chinese chip.  I found Cheese Lobster flavor Lays potato chips.  I had a feeling it wasn’t going to taste good, but the cover had melted nacho cheese pouring over a lobster.  So, I had to buy it and try it.  Nate blew up the bag all over my bed which was a little upsetting.  But also incredibly funny.  I grabbed one chip and ate it.  What hit my mouth was a sensation I never want to experience again.  It was cheese at first.  Followed by pure fish flavoring.  I seriously almost threw up and the only thing I had to wash it down with in the room was beer.  So I had, (had, like I didn’t want to) drink beer after that chip, that disgusting, torturous, incredibly painful experience in order to get rid of the taste.  Don’t ever eat one, promise me everyone you will never try cheese lobster Lays. 

Since they don’t have any taco bells here, which should be a mortal sin, I have been craving a beefy 5 layer burrito like none other.  It would be well worth the explosive diahrea that would ensue just to enjoy that nacho cheese, sour cream, fake dog meat and put it in my belly.  To be honest, I just want a beefy 5 layer, 99cent, burrito.  That’s it, that’s all. Image


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