Dalian Zoo

Last Saturday we went to the zoo and it was ridiculous.  The gates that blocked us from the animals were like picket fences and animals, especially the goats, were jumping over and back across the fence.  They were just wondering around in the stupid park like nothing was an issue.  The dumbest thing I saw was this chinese guy went and tried to pet a billy goat that was cornered against a wall.  I was waiting for that goat to snap and kill the guy.  Instead it just ran away.  That guy had some balls. The tigers were awesome.  Unlike the portland zoo where they just sit and nap all day, these tigers were swimming in ponds, attacking each other, and just ballin out.  It was awesome.  We viewed the tigers from up top in like a look out area and people were pouring water on the tigers.  Than after all the water was poured out, they would throw their water bottles at the tigers.  I couldnt beleive how much trash was all over the zoo.  Bottles with the monkeys, bottles with the tigers, lions, bears.  Just dirty.  The bears were awesome tho.  We could get a cup of apples for like 5 yuan and throw them at the bears for them to eat.  This was annas first time ever seeing a bear, crazy britian.  I’ve shot at a bear before so I couldnt beleive she had never seen one, crazy britian.  But one bear would stand on his hind legs and, i kid you not, clap his hands so that people would throw apples at him.  Even more impressive, another bear, i kid you not, would stand on his hind legs and spin circles to get apples.  people would throw apples and the bears would grab them with their mouth, it was badass.  


At the zoo, we also watched an elephant show.  That was awesome. It was a thailand elephant show which made me super excited to ride them in Bangkok.  The elephants were so smart.  They would pick people up with trunks and then stand on their hind legs.  They also set up a target of balloons and the elephants would throw darts at them with their trunks.  It was really awesome.  The elephants would stand and walk over people laying on the ground and grabbed carrots from the people in the stands.  The grand finale was cool.  The elephant keepers, or whatever you call them, set up a goal and rolled soccer balls to the elephants and they would kick the balls into the goal.  That was really impressive.Image


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