Momma is the Best!

My mom sent me her extra laptop so I could finally use my own computer because the internet and computer system in China is so stupid.  No wifi anywhere, everything is slow, and it just is shit.  So I finally got my laptop, yall about to hear a lot more from me so get ready people! But I do not put smiley faces, I hate smiley faces.  Screw that.  Sorry I am not smiling the entire time I am talking.  Not every text deserves a smiley or a winky face.  And just cause I don’t put a smiley, doesn’t mean im not interested in the conversation, women! Stop over thinking every stupid text.  Done ranting.

But with the laptop came a very welcome surprise from my mom! Resers tortillas, refried beans, and taco seasoning.  I honestly busted a nut right there in my room.  Simply the greatest thing to happen since the creation of Super Nintendo.  I miss video games a lot actually, and tv that has English words.  It is funny, the tv here is in Chinese with Chinese subtitles.  How dumb is that.  Lucky for the deaf people but it sucks for everyone but the Chinese. 

We had burrito night.  We went and bought ground beef, which lays in a huge pile in Walmart and you grab it with your hands.  Which is a little troubling.  Had to buy the cheddar FLAVORED plastic cheese that is white colored, and tomotoe and onion.  They don’t sell salsa so we had to make our own.  The burritos were incredible.  One of the best meals I have had in China so far.  Even the Chinese mentors loved it.  They all think Mexican food is the bees knees. 

Seriously mom, everyone was really appreciative that you sent that to me.  It was exactly what everyone needed.  We all considered making you a sign and taking a picture and sending it to you.  But we didn’t.  No paper big enough, sorry momma. But everyone says thank you, Saint Tami.         



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