What a weekend!

What a weekend

Thursday night, last night in Dalian.  Firday night, Beijing, last night in China.  Saturday night, Bangkok, first night in Thailand.  I feel like a rapper. Three nights, three different major cities getting hammered. 

Thursday was just like any other night in China, JD’s Bar. Weak ass night in Dalian actually, nothing to write about.  Went to bed at 3, woke up at 5:30 to pack up and get on the bus at 6. 

Friday night in Beijing was a different story.  It was awesome to meet up with the Beijing group again.  Finally me and Nate were with people who really enjoyed partying.  Sounds like they really got after it and were going out every night in Beijing.  Even though Beijing is a shithole, sounded like a ton ton of fun.  We started out drinking at this bar called Helens.  They served whiskey and cokes in buckets for 29 yuan, around 4 bucks.  Strong buckets.  We got a hookah and were smoking that with everyone.  The Russian chick, sasha, was a pro but she couldn’t do rings.  So we got all lubed up at Helens and than went to Mix.  Mix is a huge club that Dalian had nothing close to.  Danced and drank till 3 in the morning.  Had to get in a taxi at 5:30 to get to the Beijing airport to get on our flight to Bangkok so nate and I decided not to go to bed.  We stayed up all night, saw Anna Haywood off to the airport and just hung out with Sasha till it was finally our turn to leave.  So Nate and I had been awake for 46 of the last 48 hours.  It is fair to say we slept the entire plane ride to Bangkok. 

First night in Bangkok was definitely an eye opener in more ways than one.  The residence I am at is Evergreen Place.  First of all, took the idiot taxi drive from the airport an hour to find my hotel.  Scratch that, he had no idea.  We were driving through the university and all he kept saying was “university…universideee, universideee” as he pointed at Chulalongkorn.  I kept saying no, Evergreen is near the university, not the university.  He replied with more pointing and “universideee”.  So frustrating.  He started going down alley ways and we were completely lost, no hope.  So we went down this alley way, I saw a holiday inn, so I old him to drop me off here.  He laughed and said “ooo holiday inn, now I understand hahaha”.  I said yeah, your smart.  He didn’t understand that he cost me probably 200 baht extra cause he had no idea where my actual hotel was and that I was lying to him, dumbass.  SO I went into holiday inn, ignored the receptionist, went straight to their computer and wrote down the exact address and hopped in another taxi that finally got me to my hotel. 

O by the way, the airport lost my bag and didn’t get it till Sunday morning.  So that was fantastic, I was wearing the same grundgy outfit for the last 48 hours that I sweat in, sat on the plane in, and it reaked.  So that was a great first impression, the smelly guy who came out to the bars in a Portland Timbers jersey.  Regardless, I got to the hotel, instantly shotgunned a beer.  Beer is so much better here than China.  And went and met everyone at Asoki residence.  We all went out to the RCA.  A club area, around 3 clubs, but we stayed at route 66.  This place was insane.  Any nightlife I have experienced in vegas, Corvallis, Beijing, or Dalian do not add up to this club.  It had three distant rooms, live music in one, smaller room with kind of hip hop top 40 music, and a huge club room.  The club room had an awesome lazer light show and people everywhere. 

So, I lost everyone really quickly, not sure where they all went, but most likely my fault.  I started dancing with this one chick, simple dancing nothing to freaky.  Than all of a sudden some guy came out of nowhere and yelled “she has a dick”.  So there you go, first night in Bangkok and already some weird ladyboy story.  Thank god it ended before anything weird happened.  Honestly, looked like a chick.  I wasn’t even drunk, just looked like a straight up chick.  This is going to be a real issue.  Wish me luck. 

So after that near close call and the complete absence of sleep, I decided to head back.  I picked up a taxi and yet again, he had no idea where Evergreen was.  The taxi drivers are retarded.  Yet again, Bangkok is the dumbest set up I have ever seen.  There is no flow, no highway, just big streets and small alley ways.  It is dumb.  However, it is one of the coolest cities I have ever been too.  Completely different from China.  There are actually blue skies, much less pollution, but the slums and hotels are intertwined.  It is awesome. 


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