KOH CHANG- The Island of Elephants

So I only have two days of classes, Tuesday and Wednesday.  This gives me the priviledge of having a five day weekend.  What to do, first weekend in Thailand, five days off, hmmmm…its island time baby! I went out Wednesday night and didn’t get back till 5:30, slept on the floor because I thought one of my roommates was bringing home this girl.  Which he ended up not, all good. I don’t mind the floor, ask my parents, I probably sleep on the bonus room floor during the summer more than my own bedroom.  Im weird, you are all used to it by now. 

So I fell asleep, get a nice wake up call from Carli and Robyn, awesome Swedish dude, at 7:30.  They say the van is leaving at 8:30 so get packed.  I stumble through the hotel, pack up as much shit as I can into my nike backpack, and set off to meet them downstairs.  Well, I forgot flip flops and a towel.  Im going to an island, those are the only two things you really need. Dumb! But I actually packed my toothbrush, sunblock (which doesn’t work mom), and all other necessary toiletries.  Pretty good for being a little drunk, tired, and only packed in 10 minutes.  I pat myself on the back.  Carli and Robyn found me asleep in the lobby so they grabbed me, we got on the skyrail, and found the minivan that would take us to Koh Chang.  That’s the thing about travelling, you sleep while your in transportation.  Unless it’s a minivan crammed with 8 other Thai’s. 

Between 5 and 6 hours later, we arrived to the ferry.  We get on the ferry and head for Koh Chang.  The bluest water I have ever seen, waves, and just paradise in sight, I pretty much had a hard on riding the ferry.  Could have still been slumber lumber or just pure excitement, I think both.  It was cool, on the ferry looking at Koh Chang, it seemed like we were riding into Jurrasic park or King Kong’s island. 

We hopped on the taxis, which were pick up trucks with seats and set for White Sand beach.  That was the actual place.  At this point, there were around 10 of us BBA students there.  We shacked up at the really cool bungalow area right on the beach.  We rented the whole place out so it was just us BBA students.  Only 700 baht a room, split between 3 people, around 10 bucks each.  10 bucks a night for a bungalow on the beach! No way, bullshit! IThat aint happenin in America but Thailand is the land of cheap shelter. 

The beach had like 5 different bars all beach side that had their own different themes.  The place we stopped at had short, large, flat tables with pillows and blankets all along its barfront.  We stopped there, had a beer, got a apple flavored hookah, which tasted like black licorice, and sat there all night.  Fire dancers came and put on a show, it was so relaxing.  Virtual paradise.  Hookah, new friends, soft sand, fire show, waves crashing, and beer.  Jimmy Buffett himself would jizz his pants.

Day 2- Everyone from BBA showed up around 8 am.  They had travelled the entire night and most were still drinking haha.  We all met up and moved to Lonely beach.  Had a much cooler more remote beach.  It was like a small village with clubs and hippie people.  Pretty cool area, kinda hard to explain.  So that day, we all moved in to Sea Flower resort and me and Nate got a room together.  This place was even cheaper, 250baht a night between 2 people.  That’s around 6 bucks a person.  Love Thailand.  All day we just swam in the ocean, tanned at the beach, and relaxed.  That night got a little wild tho.  The bar right on the beach was selling buckets of red bull and vodka for 3 dollars.  This ese was getting loco.  But so was everyone else so it was perfect.  I popped out my pink and purple palms golf shirt.  Ya, that made it to Thailand and yes I have been enjoying that shirt.  For all of you who know, ya you know what im talking about.  I taught some Swedish women how to swing dance.  I miss Western Wednesday more than you will ever know.  Let me put it to you this way, I had just bought flip flops that day, lost them that night.  O well, they were fake lacoste flip flops that didn’t fit and were 2 bucks. Big deal.  OOO, also sorry, side note.  At the beginning of the night I was walking this bridge over a small creek and ran into these two dudes from Israel and Argentina.  I stopped by and we chatted for a little bit, the guy had a guitar and he was smoking.  The guy had never met anyone from the US who travelled so he was completely amazed that I was here.  So I sat there, poured them both a cup of rum, and we just chilled there sitting on this bridge over a creek that ran into the ocean as it set.  One of those moments where you realize that travel really does take you to meet people and see places you never thought you would go.  So they sat there and smoked while I enjoyed a nice rum.

Day 3- Saturday was awesome.  They had motor bikes/scooters that you could rent for 5 bucks for 24 hours.  Me and Nate hopped on ours around noon and rode for about an hour and a half. I did crash it into a ditch, we were on a gravel road, sorry mom.  We were going very slow and we were actually stopped but I was pulling the bike to turn around and actually turned the gas and ran it into a ditch.  No damages and I was completely fine.  It was crazy riding these around.  You had to avoid monkeys crossing the road and you had to drive on the left side of the road.  That was the weirdest part, left side of the road? That’s dumb.  But we came back, met up with everyone and went to go check out Bao Beau, I actually have no idea how to spell that.  It was like a floating shopping center/fishermans warf/ restaurant area.  It was cool but I wasn’t interested.  So me and nate and David went off on our own to go to the waterfall.  Waterfall was closed so we got food.  Didn’t know a waterfall could close, that’s a new one Thailand. We ate, went back to the resort and chilled till partying.  This was like day 6 of partying so I took it easy.  Honestly, the Europeans party their ass off.  It is inspiring.  Till like 6 in the morning all night every night.  I cant compete, im sorry, I just don’t have it in me.  In the states, im in bed by 4, I like sleep, sorry bout it. But I took it easy, had some good convos and went to bed around 4.

Day 4- Sunday was by far the best day/worst night.  Me, Nate, David, and some of the European girls went to the waterfall.  The waterfall was awesome cause it was the clearest freshwater ever.  It reminded me of three pools Oregon except without the freezing cold water.  Had some cool rock cliffs that you could jump off of and it was awesome.  Paradise just kept getting more beautiful.  O my god, there was the hottest French chick in the world there! Dear God, perfect 10 out of 10! Too bad she was with her entire family but I could tell that her younger sister, give it three years, was going to be legal and even hotter.  So I’ll be back in 3 years hahaha.  Sorry, had to say it.  I side tracked again sorry.  We left the waterfall, ditched the girls, and decided to circle the entire island on our scooters.  At this point, ive been riding enough to actual feel comfortable driving it.  It is so much fun, makes me want to get a motorcycle but I never will.  Too risky.  We went till the road ended.  The most remote part of the island had this restaurant that had a pier that outstretched into a lagoon.  We were the only people in that entire part of the island except for the restaurant owners of course.  It was just us, out in this lagoon, looking at the most gorgeous backdrop a restaurant could have.  I felt like my stomach was an iron box after eating in China and now Thailand so I tried something risky.  I tried the green curry with seafood.  Figured an island would have premium seafood. It was amazing! I didn’t eat the squid, I tried it I really tried to like it, but the texture just sucks.  So after we ate, we got back on our backs and rode back.  In total, it probably took an hour and a half to get around the island.  Joyride baby.

Well, I park the bike, start feeling a little queasy, kind feel a headache so I try to shake it off and relax.  We are chillin at the beach and I start feeling crappy so I decide I am going to drink water, sleep for like an hour, and get back to everyone else.  Well, I fall asleep, maybe an hour later, wake up and instantly start throwing up my green curry.  Green Curry may be the worst thing in the world to have come back up, especially through the nose.  I mean, this was violent puking.  I pass out on the floor, with all the ants, wake up around 30 minutes later and get back to bed.  I wake up an hour later and start vomiting more.  I try drinking water but it was not staying down at all.  So I spent the entire night in the bathroom with the ants.  Honestly, I think I could write a book about my body fluid stories.  I think it would sell.  Let me know what ya’ll think.

Day4- Travel, travel, buses, trains, travel.  Poopy day.  That’s all I have to say.

And that was koh Chang- the island of the elephants! One awesome experience that is for sure!



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