Mothers Day- The Queens Birthday

Mothers Day- The Queens Birthday

Monday was Thailands National Mothers day holiday.  They have mothers day as the same as the Queen’s birthday.  I really wanted to skype with you mom but by the time we got done travelling and after Sunday night puking I just went straight to bed.  I really wanted to wish you a happy mothers day but just didn’t have the energy. 

SO no I am wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day via my blog.  Happy Mothers Day to the best mom in the world.  You have inspired me to see the world and experience all life has to offer.  Your curiosity and zest for life is something I am so glad you have passed on to me.  I really enjoyed one of our last conversations on our way to Seattle.  You said that it is important to have the mindset to never stop learning, to always keep your mind sharp, and to keep learning.  I am trying to continue to live to that advice and keep the perception that knowledge is power.  I was walking in Bangkok the other day and felt a little homesick.  I was looking at the ground as I was walking and lifted my head up to look at a building and realized that when you keep your head up and look around, there is so much to see and observe.  I thought of your words about keeping a learning attitude and realized that sulking and looking down was not how I was going to really experience this city or life in general.  It was weird, your words rang through my head and I suddenly realized that I was in a position of great privilege and opportunity.  It is really weird cause in China the Chinese name they gave me was Chang Xue wen.  Literal translation is “Often studies”.  The president of the university drew me some charcters professionally on a paper that wrote “never Stop Learning”.  So mom, you might be a prophet.  Wierdest prophet ive ever met haha.   

So, thank you mom for inspiring me, putting up with all my shit, and for your words of advice.  You don’t think I listen but I pick up on most of what you say.  Im always listening but its my fault for not retaining. 

Dad, gotta throw some love out there to you also.  Being abroad has really given me some realizations on what is actually important.  No one likes baseball, so they automatically all suck.  I would love to play catch right now.  I also am really going to miss hunting season.  That is probably what I will miss the most while im gone.  There is something about just trekking through the woods with a rifle and my paps that nowhere can live up to. 

All ya’ll who read my blog, I have the best parents in the world.  I love my parents so much.  Yours cant live up to mine so don’t even argue.  This is my blog so I cant say whatever I want, nah nah nah nah boo boo.  I wouldn’t be able to experience this trip without my parents help and I cant wait to thank them back some day.  You guys have some cool shit coming your way.  Can’t wait to get you guys in Thailand. 

Closing words: happy Mothers Day Mom.  Dad, Fathers day is December 5th, the Kings birthday haha.  I love you Mom.             


One thought on “Mothers Day- The Queens Birthday

  1. Have to give a shout out to the best son I could have dreamed of conceiving. You are always true to us and to yourself. Your writing is honest (just not filtered) and always entertaining. Love ya Chase and am so happy you are experiencing the time in your life. Sounds amazing – can’t wait for you to share it with your Dad, Tori and I.

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