Kanchanaburi- Catchabooti

First weekend was Ko Chang and that was an awesome island.  Second weekend was a bender in Bangkok.  This third weekend, we didn’t want to go on an excursion and we wanted to save money for the full moon party, but we didn’t want to stay in Bangkok for two weekends in a row.  So me and David decided to go to Kanchanaburi because we heard they had tigers we could pet and amazing waterfalls.

We hopped on a bus at 6:30 am, arrived to Kanchanaburi around 9 and at our hotel called jolly frog around 9:30.  Kanchanaburi is up north and only around an hour from Myanmar.  Jolly Frog was awesome, it was right on a river that was covered in big lily pads and had a large courtyard that had hammocks.  Pretty baller crib.  We were pleasantly surprised to see Carlo, Stephen, Nick, Helen, Milina, Victoria, Clemene, Andreas, and Charlotte show up to Jolly Frog as well.  We had no idea they were coming. 

On Saturday, me and David fell into our first tourist trap.  We went to the tigers.  It was supposed to be this awesome tiger monastery with monks and tigers that you can actually wrestle with.  Well, it was 600 baht just to get in, it was 200 baht for the taxi there and back, and this inexpensive trip has now turned into 2 nights in Bangkok already with just these tigers.  We get to the “monastery”, which is a large concrete wall and start walking.  In our path are tons of stupid water buffalo that would not move.  So of course, I started mooing at them.  As if they moo, probably sounded like a jackass.  We are looking around, no tigers to see but there are warthogs running around, deer chillin (wheres my rifle?), and butt ton of bugs.  We finally get to a tiger and it’s a baby tiger on a chain.  So of course, the one “monk” was sitting there taking tips to take a picture.  I take a photo and was scurried off the stage.  Sweet. 

The coolest part was the tiger “waterfall”.  It was a normal zoo exhibit of tigers except people could go in it.  Everyone who paid an additional 1000 baht could go into the cage, shake bags of rocks, and get the tigers to attack the bags.  It was cool.  There were around 7 tigers running around attacking each other and the bags.  They never attempted to attack humans, which was very interesting.  Just the bags. 

Finally we found the tiger “canyon”.  You could go the free route and take a photo with each tiger or you could pay 1000 baht for a tiger to put his head in your lap.  PSSHHH fuck that, I’m going to free route.  I’ve already been bent over enough at this “monastery”.  I brought Tito the tiger, the action figure tiger that Jenna Dixon gave me, so I had to ask the lady if it was ok for me to take a photo with the tiger and with Tito.  She was hesitant but I talked her into it.  I took my tiger and took my photos.  I went through 6 tigers in less than 3 minutes.  I don’t know where the fire was but they were rushing me through that tiger pit so fast.  After the tigers, we had seen everything at the “monastery” so we left and went back to the jolly frog and met up with everyone else. 

Me and David decided to finally go and get an oil massage.  Talk about blue balls.  No happy ending.  She was such a tease too.  She kept moving my junk to massage inner thigh and that was it.  Trust me, I would write if I had a happy ending, I did not. Such a tease.

We went to this bar where shots were 10 baht.  A shot for 30 cents in the states.  So yeah, we got after it.  We went to 7 eleven, got some beer and went back to the jolly frog.  It was cool because the place had a small pier that stretched out into the river.  We chilled there, played drinking games.  I have some cool new European drinking games that I am excited to bring back to the states.  Well, one thing led to another and we all stripped down and jumped into the crocodile infested river.  That was an experience in itself.  And that was Saturday, pretty good day.  Worth seeing the tigers even though it was a complete tourist trap.  But I can say I have pet tigers and I got some cool photos on facebook that ya’ll liked haha. 

Sunday Funday.  We went to the waterfalls on Sunday and it was absolutely amazing.  The place was called the Eruwan National Park.  100 baht to get there and because we are Chula students, only 40 baht to enter.  There were 7 levels of waterfalls and it was around a 2 hour hike to get all the way to the 7th.  Really cool hike.  Once we got to the 7th, we decided to jump in and swim around.  The water continued to get more and more turquoise as the levels rose.  The 7th level had pure turquoise water which I think was rock minerals from the top of the waterfall.  But what do I know, I am no scientists.  The 7th waterfall was incredibly tall and had a pool with a small cave at the bottom.  I went into the cave and felt like I was in the playboy grotto.  As I was walking out, I came up to early and drilled my back on the roof of the cave.  So dumb.  Drew blood and scratched my back.  Haha it was incredibly stupid, its not hard to walk out of a small cave. 

We skipped the 6th waterfall on the way down, swam in the fifth, but the coolest part was the 4th waterfall.  The water had created natural rock slides.  Hey Beary’s if you are reading this, it is exactly like the Paulina Plunge.  So that was really fun. 

Sidenote, each waterfall had these special fish that eat the dead skin cells off your body.  So it was somewhat enjoyable/annoying to swim.  These fish would come up and nibble your feet.  I had a pimple on my chest and one came up and bit it off.  So that was actually incredibly painful and gross. 

We were getting tired and close to having to leave so we decided it would be a good time to head back.  Me and david decided we would stop and the last waterfall because it had to biggest cave area.  So me and David swim over there, get up on the cave area where there was a jumping area.  Of course, I am the first one to jump.  What do ya know, there is a large boulder that you cant see.  I drill my left foot, swim out, and now not only is my back bleeding, but my left foot as well.  I know have like 5 scars on my left foot.  My right foot is still pure though, could be a foot model with my right one.

That was Kanchanburi and it was awesome.  Was more expensive than I would have liked, spent more money than I would have liked, but that’s travel.  Tigers kinda were a downer, waterfalls were awesome, would I have done anything differently? Hell no!

P.s. love you mom and dad



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