Welcome Party- All the single ladies

So I have to play catch up now because I have been incredibly lazy with my blog.  2 weeks ago, the Chulalongkorn University held a welcome party for all the BBA students.  We were all separated into our own countries and we were in charge for creating something for a talent show.  It was time to represent the God Damn US of A. ‘MURICA was in the house. 

What we decided to do was follow along the guidelines of the youtube video, the evolution of dance.  However, we flipped it so that we were just doing to evolution of song.  So we started out with aint nothing but a houndog to represent the 50’s….all the way to Beyonce all the single ladies. Of course, we practiced while drinking and of course, if you practice drunk, you have to be drunk for the performance.  Its just plain common sense.

So Wednesday was the big performance and Team America met right after school to begin drinking and last minute preparations.  Needless to say, so did every country and we were al pretty smashed by the time of our performances. 

My favorite performance was France. They had an American tourists walking around taking photos, and yeah, I did give him my Hawaiian shirt.  The men wore skirts and dress tops and mooned the entire crowd which was hilarious.  Than they played vule vookushe avemua, so swua. The Moulin rouge song and they all started dancing on stage.  I know I did not spell that correctly but who cares.  To top it off, they turned a video on with two girls French kissing and the entire French group went into the stands and started making out with whoever they saw in the crowd.  It was hilarious! And depressing, cause I never got a kiss…

But we were last, but not least.  At this point, we are all liquored up and feeling like we are going to fail miserably.  Aint nothing but a hound dog came on and we all started twisting, than thriller came on and we all were out of sync.  However, we played jump on it, and it was a perfect verse for our group.  We had florida, Portland, las vegas, and Colorado all in the same verse, it was perfect.  Than we played Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson and I took this Russian chick into the swing dance of her life. Than we played crank that soulja boy, that looked retarded.  Lady Gaga Bad Romance started and Barbara strutted her stuff.  I was Beyonce for all the single ladies and I shook that ass.  That ass was clappin! Im sure the faculty loved that ass shakin perfection.  And our performance was done.

The results are in, it was the teachers vote, I am thinking France ran away with the gold.  Much to our surprise, well, expectations really, USA wins first. I don’t want to say it was my ass clappin that won it, but I kinda do. 

p.s. love you mom and dad


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