Yep, The Full Moon Party


You know the phrase one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor?  Yeah well, one bucket, two bucket, three bucket…sand.

It was time to experience the beach party of a lifetime.  We hopped on an overnight train around 8:30 pm.  We started drinking around 8:31 pm.  It was really fun hanging on the train and drinking.  That is something I have actually never done in the states.  Well, in bed by 12, have a long weekend and I need some sleep.  However, a party on the train has no curfew and there is nowhere to go an escape the noise.  I am dead asleep and Carli comes by, throws open my shade, plops the conducters hat on my head that she stole, and takes a photo, giggles, and runs off…sweeeet. Now I am awake, listening to a loud drunk Russian run around belting “beerrr wheres the beerrrr”.  Awesome. He actually sounded hilarious, almost like a drunk opera singer.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

Wake up at 7ish and it was time to hop on a ghetto bus to the ferry.  We all slept on the bus.  That’s how we sleep, transportation has now become my favorite bed.  We hopped on the ferry and 4 hours later, we were at Koh Phangan.  The legendary island where backpackers declared the most gorgeous full moon in the world.  And then they created a party…god I love backpackers.  We hopped on the truck taxis, arrived to our bungalows, and it was island time.  Our place was awesome. It was a bungalow, directly on the beach, perfect view, with a restaurant/bar right next door.  Could not have asked for a better location.

Thursday was a very relaxed day.  We pretty much swam, tanned, and chilled all day.  Had a couple beers but mostly just chilled on island time.  We knew we had to rest in order to survive this long party filled weekend.  Thursday night was incredible.  There is a legendary pool party at this hotel.  We all pregamed at our place and took taxis over there.  Once there, we bought buckets.  When I say buckets, I mean buckets. You remember the small plastic sandcastle buckets all us kids used to play with on the beach?  Well as adults, those buckets because drinking utensils.  The bartender empties an entire pint of rum or whiskey, put one coke in, and one red bull.  All this for 100 baht, 3 bucks.  Ooooo boy, danger.  So I got a bucket, was dancing in the pool walking around drinking my green bucket and socializing with everyone.  Soon, the party got insane.  There were a couple thousand people at this pool party.  The pool was packed, everyone was playing chicken fights, dancing, and people making out everywhere.  The outside of the pool was packed with drunken fools and this place was crazy.  At one point, I was swing dancing in the pool, than the entire pool started slapping the water, and than I was trying to give piggy back rides to everyone I saw.  It got strange, shit got crazy.  It was the pool party that everyone has always dreamed of and it lived up to all my expectations.

After the pool, we went to a bar on the beach named Cactus.  That was pretty cool.  Everyone was dancing and I was up on a table.  Good thing it was a Portland bar table, and no I did not get kicked out of this bar for standing on a table.  This place was legit.  Danced and went back to bed and slept.  It was an awesome night.


Friday Night was a big bust in my opinion.  The beach started to get much more crowded and it looked like an awesome precursor to the full moon.  But there was also a jungle party.  How many times can you say you have partied in the Jungle? Especially in Oregon. Exactly, so I decided I would go be tarzan and maybe find jane in the jungle.  The layout was really cool.  It was a huge clearing directly in the middle of the jungle.  That was pretty sweet.  The cover charge was not sweet and the 5 guys to 1 girl ratio was not sweet.  But it was overall pretty cool.  There was a platform and everyone was dancing on it and that was fun.  Some guys started climbing the light pole which was hilarious.  I surprisingly did not join, probably because I was nursing a cigarette burn.  I was dancing shirtless on the stage, no surprise there, and Luuk was next to me smoking a cigarette.  He was tackled by another german and during the tackle, his cigarette hand reached out for support and found the side of my stomach.  Nice little battle scar I would say.  After the jungle party I just went to bed and rested for the next night, the full moon.

Saturday was a day of light day drinking and relaxation.  Last chance to get that bronze greek god tan, so that is what I did.  Saturday came fast and it was time to party like there was no tomorrow.

O full moon, you dirty dirty girl.  It began around 8 when me and nate decided to buy a bucket from a side street vendor.  Sure, why not get a pint of rum, a can of coke, and a red bull at 8?  I am rocking orange neon shorts, a trashy yellow full moon party tank, and my vans. Me and Nate head back to the group where the painting and drinking has begun.  I decided that I needed blue on my face because blue brings out my blue eyes.  Which have been called pool color blue, thought that was interesting.  So I went, got my entire hand painted blue and slapped it on my face, than my left peck, and inner right thigh haha.  Than the girls decided that I needed more paint.  So they started drawing a sun on my stomach and before you know it, I was decked out and ready for the full moon.  And no, I did not wear my tank top at all that night. And yes, I did lose my tank top that night.

I am all liquored up, looking great and decide to buy a shot of jaeger for me and the dudes we met from boston.  Really glad that tab was lost cause that would have been an annoying expense in the morning.  After everyone was feeling good, we decided to leave.  The weird part is, everyone went rogue.  Everyone split up for some reason.  I went completely rogue and walked all the way to the end of the beach, turned around, and went “welp” time to head back when I saw some people from our group. So I started hanging out with them and we went to this bar that had an awesome slide.  The slide was metal with water running down it, with fire on each side, a fire loop at the top, and a gymnastics mat at the bottom to catch people.  The slide was also running from the third floor of the bar to the ground, ya duh I had to check this out.  I told Taletha to hold my second bucket for me as I meandered up the rope net to get to the third floor.  Real safe, 10,000 drunk people and they decided the rope net was a good idea.  Not sure why, but I decided I was going to take this rope net with all arms, no legs.  Show off the guns I geuss.  Well I made it, hopped on the slide and went down.  Normal people, me not being one of them, stop when they hit the mat.  I flew down this slide, spread eagle, arms outstretched, looking like a five year old.  I flew off the mat, into the crowd, and absolutely drilled this guy in the knee.  Im laying in the sand, thinking I had just ruptured this guys ACl, while nursing my bruised gooch, and all of a sudden, he picks me up and offers me a drink.  I had to decline obviously, had my drink waiting for me.  But I was shocked.

After the slide, we moved on to another bar where there was a dance party going on.  It was really cool/difficult dancing in the sand and on top of tables.  Yet again, I was dancing and making a fool of myself.  But that’s the beauty of the full moon, you will never see this people again in your life, and everyone looks as dumb as I do.  Well, I met this Irish girl and…cesnored

After my third bucket, I was in the can.  I found a group of British people in a side dance club area.  Talked to them for a while but it was very blurry.  SO around 4 am, I walked back to my bungalow and found that Jaime had stolen the hammock and that I did not have a key for the room.  So, I passed out in the sand, face first, 10 feet from my bungalow.  Thank you Jaime.  Nate came around 5 am, woke me up, and I crashed in the bungalow.  Woke up Sunday morning, no shoes, still drunk, and the beach was still active with the last partiers.  I had lost my vans, my tank top, and my dignity haha.  That’s how I put it.  I walked the beach to get shoes and stole left over flip flops.  Had to, I didn’t have any shoes haha.

Honestly probably top 3 weekends of my life.  Not just because it was probably the greatest party I have ever been to and by far will be the greatest beach party I will ever go to, but because I got to know everyone really well.  It was a bonding trip that was necessary.  I feel incredibly comfortable with the people who went and friendships for sure were built on this trip.  Paradise, island time, I felt like Jimmy Buffett in those pink shorts.  It was an incredible trip and I hope you all get to experience it one day.  Just insane.

P.s. Love you mom and dad      


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